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If you are an aspiring performer or you need to improve your performance skills for any other needs, contact Coco Rouzier,  an International Jazz Vocalist, Songwriter and  Recording Artist, born in Washington, DC. She has been performing around the world for 25 years, and she sure has a lot of experience and knowledge to share, but also it is an amazing opportunity to feel her wonderful energy and drive that will for sure inspire and motivate you not just to be a better artist but also a better person in general!

You can contact her and get a free consultation here.

Real Music Radio is an eclectic blend of music programs, news & features for your heart, mind & soul that all got started with “Anything Goes”, a radio program in Bangkok, Thailand that had been running for over 30 years featuring great vintage music from as far back as the 30’s right up to current interpretations of classic tunes, & hosted by the legendary Jim Davison who at the age of 101 & semi-retired (!) asked Lee Evanz to carry on with the show. He is now doing his own show, featuring an even wider variety of music from many genres and time periods, & conversations (which he calls ‘InnerViews’) with creative people living or working here in Thailand. Great music and interesting conversations, the perfect mix for the coolest radio show in Bangkok!

The show has recently been switched from a broadcast to a podcast for easier access, and if you would like to support it become the PATRON here

Punk Rock Bkk

This is a great source for all the alternative, punk rock events in Bangkok!

Punk Rock Bangkok is a community to help promote the underground scene in Bangkok and also around Thailand!

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