13 SAMSEN Album Remastered on Vinyl

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Albums, Blues, Video, Articles

‘What emerges is something new, blues of our time. Sometimes haunting, sometimes driving, the mandoline and slide guitar make supple love, anguished and questioning in the moment, but ultimately reaffirming the brotherhood of all” 

Acclaimed folk-blues album 13 Samsen by Dulysit Srabua and Bert Deivert has been remastered and reissued on vinyl and 25 karat gold CD.

The album was initially recorded and produced in Thailand in 2012, featuring the great Charlie Musselwhite and Nga Caravan as special guests, and many other Thai and international musicians, including Thai blues legend Chai the Blues and Ped Bluesman.

Dulysit “Pong” Srabua is one of the best blues guitarists in Thailand, who has been active on the music scene with many different bands for more than 25 years and published numerous albums of various genres. He is also the owner of the famous AdHere 13th Blues Bar that has been attracting blues lovers from all over the world for the last 17 years, where he plays every Friday and Saturday with his band, Banglumpoo Blues Company.

Bert Deivert is one of the top blues mandolinists in the world today as well as being an accomplished guitarist and singer. Originally from America, but living in Sweden, he has been playing professionally for 44 years and has performed in 24 countries around the world in various constellations within the folk music and blues genres. He has released 4 solo albums, 7 duo albums, and one with his most recent band Copperhead Run. He has performed on many other artists’ recordings.

13 Samsen includes original material as well as covers of old American blues and Thai folk songs. This blend evolved into something new, the sound that symbolizes the lasting brotherhood of blues…

Photo credit: Nong Dankormai, Saksiri Joe Poster & the original album promotional material
If you would like to get a copy of this wonderful album on vinyl or CD, please contact Saksiri Joe Poster Pasothakang  (or here) on FB and drop by AdHere 13th Blues Bar to get your copy signed by the artists, and while you’re there take a chance to listen to some good old blues every day from 8:30 pm till 12 am.