Bangkok’s First Model Market is Here: Upcycle, Create, Enjoy!

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Bars, Articles

The latest addition to Bangkok’s entertainment scene with the mission to help preserve the Earth by minimising negative environmental impact through upcycling reusable and interesting items is the first Upcycling Market in Bangkok – MODEL MARKET. Located on Sukhumvit Soi 53, a mere stones throw from Thonglor, it is a place where you can have some great food, drinks and live music, and all that while saving the environment!
Their mission is to convert abandoned urban spaces into unique casual social spaces with great eating & drinking atmosphere. Their aim is to drive awareness to the global issues regarding plastic waste. Model Market is aiming to find a better ways of creating an urban space for people by limiting environmentally unfriendly practices. Their intention is to expand and move the project to various locations in 2020, through locations ranging from car parks, abandoned local markets, train stations and warehouse blocks.
The Model Market will bring a mixture of funky pop up style food and beverage brands in spaces ranging from holes in the wall to food trucks and houses. Guests can come and listen to popular DJs in the Jameson whisky & craft beer garden. Order slow Smoked Meats, Funky Burgers, International Variety of Finger Foods, Jamaican Jerky, Neapolitan Pizza, and Asian street food. With a sweets corner and drinks, Including Tropic Cocktails, Craft Breweries, Nitro Labs, Local Beers, Malt bars and many more.
Come and do your part for the environment with ‘ReMaker Upcycling Studio’ hosting weekly public workshops, expeditions, art installations and upcycling material that guests can interact with, in order to inspire the sustainable lifestyle with reusable material creating a zero waste society. If you are an artist, chef, creator, business-whizz, entrepreneur or climate pioneer with a unique planet-savin’ project, contact them on their FB page, they would love to hear you ideas!
The Model Market is open 7 days a week from 5:00 pm to midnight for dinner & casual drinks. Music is provided daily by Bangkok’s hottest DJs and mini concerts can be expected on weekends. Their first live session last Friday was a blast with well known local singer-songwriters –  Jennifer Läckgren of Jenny & The Scallywags, John Will Sail, Duncan Allan. More to come every weekend with their Live Session with DJ’s from 5 – musicians plug-in from 8. 
Like and follow their FB page for more information and upcoming interesting events and projects.
Join the upcycling movement and be a part of the hippest joint in the city! And don’t forget: REUSE – RECYCLE – UPCYCLE!
Source: photo and info – Model Market Bkk