Jazz ain't nothing but Soul! Therefore, I believe in order for Jazz to grow in me, I must infuse it into my life, culture, strengths and weaknesses! Therefore, I am Jazz... I am Soul!



“Coco Rouzier serenades the room with her smooth vocal style… keeping the ambiance at a constant million degrees cool.”​ Bangkok Post

Coco is an International Jazz Vocalist, Songwriter and recently – A Recording Artist, born in Washington, DC. She found herself in pageants, talent competitions and musical theater programs since a very young age, which lead her to New York City. She sang at The Apollo Theater in Harlem, where her favorite singer, Ella Fitzgerald also performed and it took her career to a new level.

By day, a Secretary! By night, the lead female vocalist for one of New York’s top wedding bands – Jerry Kravat. Coco has since traveled the world delivering her special brew of Jazz, Bossa Nova and Soul music at 5 star hotels, top of the line Cruises and Music festivals.​​

This Diva can be found performing all around South-East Asia, but she is currently based in Bangkok where she does special peformances in some of the best jazz bars in the city. For more information, please visit her website!


Tue – Sat > 8 pm – 10:45 – Penninsula Hotel (on break until mid February)

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Private One-On-One Coaching with Coco

If you are an aspiring performer or you need to improve your performance skills for any other needs, Coco also does coaching sessions online or in person. She has been performing around the world for 25 years, and she sure has a lot of experience and knowledge to share, but also it is an amazing opportunity to feel her wonderful energy and drive that will for sure inspire and motivate you not just to be a better artist but also a better person in general!

You can contact her and get a free consultation here.


The Inner View with Coco Rouzier

by Lee Evanz