The Sound of Southern Thai Blues by Daddy C & Bangkok Mojo

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Featured, Thailand, Albums, Blues, Articles | 0 comments

Daddy C & Bangkok Mojo is a new name on Bangkok’s budding blues scene, but it’s actually a new project run by the musician behind the most genuine Chicago blues band in Bangkok – the Jukes. They have been appreciated by true lovers of blues from all over the world for their tight arrangements and quite a serious approach to blues.

After playing numerous gigs at some of Bkk’s best live music venues, they decided to step-up and create their own sound and introduce blues to a wider Thai audience with they first single Mae-Hoey! (eng. Damn!). The song differs from the usual Thai blues tunes since it is written in southern Thai dialect, and it tells a story of a typical southern guy that is unsuccessfully trying to make a girl to notice him. The band leader and the author of the song, Puree Muadmuang aka Daddy C, says that this song is an attempt to attract more Thai people to real blues and to dive more deeply into it.

The song has an exceptional sound as it was mixed and mastered by Kid Andersen, currently among the best blues producers in America. It’s a catchy tune, regardless of the fact that it’s not in English, but Daddy C’s unusual voice, the sounds of harmonica and the band’s musicianship makes it quite a treat for the ear.

More songs are on the way, both in English and Thai, which will probably turn into a full album. We wish them a great success and looking forward to the upcoming releases!