Category: Traditional

Wednesday Live : Baby Arabia

  150b entry with 1 beer (My Beer) ———————————————————————— Baby Arabia is one of the oldest Thai Muslim bands specializing in the subcultural genre of Arab-Malay music. When they are not touring mosque faires and weddings...

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Wednesday Live : Amaru Tribe

  Cumbia Meets Molam project presents: AMARU TRIBE Live in Bangkok! ft. ToomTurn Molam Group and support by Dj Poryai aka John Clewley. 300b entry with 1 beer (My Beer) This tribe of six are bound through strings, skins and...

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Wednesday Live : Toomturn Molam Group

  150b entry with 1 beer (My Beer) ————————————- A future molam band, that is also solidly rooted in the past.. Music from the rice field to the heart of the capital.. ————————————- Toom Turn represent acoustic,...

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