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Jazz Up your Evening with Coco Rouzier

The Lobby proudly presents Coco Rouzier, a talented jazz singer who has performed in various high-end clubs and luxury hotels in more than 23 countries around the globe, using her smooth voice to entertain and enliven the mood...

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Folk Music By Charlie McScallywag

Through his Folk tinted music, Charlie tells us about his adventures and experiences that run through the lives of all of us! Stories that touch us so much they are human, they look like us and bring us together! Foojohn’s...

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Wednesday Live : Amaru Tribe

  Cumbia Meets Molam project presents: AMARU TRIBE Live in Bangkok! ft. ToomTurn Molam Group and support by Dj Poryai aka John Clewley. 300b entry with 1 beer (My Beer) This tribe of six are bound through strings, skins and...

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  Purveyors of funk, ‘Mother Funky’ and one of Bangkok’s most popular jazz bands perform funky jazz all night at Maggie Choo’s. You’ve seen the guys at “Made By Legacy Flea Market”,...

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