A friendly open mic hosted by the Lips Manly trio – Will, Pong and Ludo.

Performers are welcome to perform solo or with Lips Manly backing.

You’re welcome to perform anything musical –spoken word – hip-hop – comedy – magic tricks, you name it!
If you’re a travelling musician, aspiring amateur or experimenting pro you’re welcome to perform here. Full band setups also more than welcome.

Advance sign-ups are advised, or just show up and chances are you’ll still play. Advance sign-ups get up to 20 minutes playing time, or as arranged with organizer, walk-ins play in the function of the time available: 1-2-3 songs.
Advance sign up schedule will be posted in the event on the day of the event.

Book your slot by messaging the Speakerbox Facebook page or speaking with Speakerbox staff at the venue.