The next two weekends in Bangkok (16/17 & 23/24, March 2019) will take some fun out of the Saturday night.

Due to the general elections scheduled in Thailand on Sunday March 24, the Election Commission (EC) of Thailand has confirmed alcohol bans for the next two weekends.

This upcoming weekend the ban will start on (March, 16) at 6pm until Sunday at 6pm since voters living outside their electorates will be casting their votes this Sunday, and on election weekend, from Saturday, March 23, at 6pm until polling day, Sunday, March 24, at 6pm. (source: Coconuts Bangkok)

As far as the live music is concerned, many bars will be either closed on Saturday evening of both weekends (confirmed by Check Inn 99, The Iron Fairies, Rock Pub, AdHere Blues Bar) or have no live music and alcohol (confirmed by Apoteka, Beer Republic, The Living Lounge). You can check our Upcoming Events for the places that will still go ahead with their live gigs.

We recommend to check the FB page or contact directly any place that you are planning to visit on these two weekends… or stock up some booze and have a Saturday night fever at home!