Genre: rock, blues, funk, pop, soul



Patrick Davies – Paddy – guitar

Isaac Khazi – guitar and lead vocals

 Chaiyaporn Jantrame (Poon) – bass

Wittavas Boomyim (Tuaz) – drums


Mr. Haze is a band that began as an acoustic duo with vocalist/guitarist Isaac and lead guitarist Paddy. Both share the same styles of music, have backgrounds in music production, and always find joy in performing music for everyone to hear. The duo began in late 2015, and picked up speed performing as an acoustic duo at notable live venues. Currently, Mr. Haze is a full band with the addition of Poon on bass and Tuaz on drums, performing at popular venues and events inside and outside of Bangkok. Isaac’s raspy vocals and wide vocal range coupled with Paddy’s guitar virtuosity, Tuaz’s chops and Poon’s solid groove provides for a unique yet diverse musical experience. Expect covers ranging from Elvis, The Doobie Brothers, Lynard Skynard, The Doors, and Mr. Big to Bruno Mars.


Fri: 1 am till closed – Apoteka



Patrick Davies, guitar

A guitarist, producer, and arranger actively involved in the Bangkok music scene. As a performer, Patrick gets his inspiration from classic rock, progressive rock, blues and jazz. Some inspirations include Mr. Big, Extreme, and Jimi Hendrix. His musical journey began growing up here in Bangkok, to Boston where he completed his music writing and production degree from The Berklee College of Music, then back to Bangkok to further pursue the diverse and unique opportunities that Bangkok has to offer. Paddy is known for his intricate solos and blazing speed. 

Isaac Khazi, guitar and lead vocals

A guitarist & vocalist with a background in sound, production and technology. Isaac grew up in India, The Middle East and Thailand listening to various genres ranging from rock & roll, classic rock, blues, soul, and country to pop. As a vocalist, some of his inspirations include Richie Kotzen, Eric Martin, Elvis, and Jim Morrison. His diverse musical influences have helped him develop a unique raspy tone and an extensive vocal range. Isaac began his musical journey playing lead guitar and singing for various bands in the Middle East while completing his engineering in IT and sound. Since moving to Bangkok he has performed and worked with numerous local and expat musicians. 

Chaiyaporn Jantrame, bass

“If you have a dream, never give up, follow your passion…”

Poon started playing bass in high school when he formed his first band. His father, one of the best drummers in Bangkok, introduced him to the world of music and blues when he was 10 years old. That was when he found his dream, to be a blues musician. Taking a year off after high school to pursue his dream, he had served drinks at the famous AdHere 13 Blues Bar, and after only one year he became a member of The Vintagers. He joined Mr. Haze in 2017.


Wittavas Boomyim, drums

Tuaz is a drummer with a background in music education, classical Thai music, and contemporary music performance. His passions for music lies in jazz, soul and funk. Significant influences include Chick Corea, Tower of Power, Incognito and the Stege Gadd Band. As a professional session player, live performer and educator Tuaz maintains a diverse musical career through notable versatility, amazing chops, dynamic grooves, and unparalleled originality.



Telephone: 0873429599 / 0999790037