Genre: blues



Lalita Orapun – Vocal

Dulyasit Srabua – Guitar and Band Leader

Puree C Muadmuang – Vocal, Harmonica

Akarawin Opassuksatit – Keys

Akarapol Hasoonha – Bass

Nut Glomchum – Drums

Banglampoo Blues Company, a blues band named after the area where the legendary AdHere 13 Blues Bar is located, started 16 years ago around a female blues singer Georgia Rachatawet and Kun Pong, the bar’s owner and one of Bkk’s best blues guitar players. It was initially called Georgia Blues Band, but after she had left to London it was renamed to Banglumpoo Blues Band. In those times many young musicians who liked blues came to AdHere 13th with a burning desire to learn to play, and Khun Pong would actually give them a chance. He recalls, “If anyone looked like he could play guitar, I would say – ‘please, take it, I need to go to the toilet’”. Their Swedish drummer persuaded Khun Pong to add the Blues Bar to AdHere 13, saying that he should play blues there every night cus “you love it”.

As the musicians kept changing, the Band turned into Banglumpoo Blues Company (BBC) two years ago, and it had functioned more as a community were various musicians play and jam. However, when Lalita joined them recently, they have found a magic combination that has taken the band to another level, They play their own covers of classic blues of 1930s onward, but also they have their own songs in Thai and instrumentals. Their gigs turn into genuine musical adventures, as both musicians and audience merge their energies together into one amazing festivity of the blues.

FRI and SAT: 10 pm – 12 am  >  AdHere 13 Blues Bar  







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