Genre: soul, disco, pop



Mayah – vocals

Didier Mpondo – drums

Siravat Odd – bass 

Roong Charoenchai – keyboards 

Birth Piatar – guitar

Yong Brass – trombone


LoveUSoul is a band led by a very talented pianist and singer Mayah. She has been playing piano and singing since an early age, encouraged by her older brother, musician himself, with whom she started her professional singing career when she was in her twenties, at the same time studying English Language.

After years of singing in various bands and searching for her own sound and style, four years ago she found herself in soul and finally decided to form her own band – LoveUSoul. “I have a number of musicians that are available to play in the band. It is not about money or obligation, it is about enjoying ourselves, and if you can do it, then you are LoveUSoul!”, explains Mayah.

She is a great entertainer and her smooth voice is perfect for soul, blues, pop, and disco music from ’70s to ’90s. She is also a great dancer, and everyone else in the band is always ready to have great fun, which is a definite guarantee you will always end up on the dance floor when LoveUSoul rules the stage.


Weekly gigs at RBSC Polo Club, for more info check Maya’s FB page