Soi Dog Blues Band

Genre: blues



Becky (vocals),

Nico (guitar, vocals)

Tony (bass)

Dang (guitar, vocals)

Guy (drums) ​


Bangkok’s longest running blues band has played at the best local venues around as well as internationally at festivals gaining a fiercely loyal following and well-deserved respect in the musical community.

Founded by Jeff Thomsen, who sadly passed away in 2015, the ‘Dogs’ has been through it all including being inducted into the Live Blues World Blues Hall of Fame 2013. Over the years a tight family has been carefully put together, suiting each other’s differing musical styles and ensuring they all have a lot of fun in the process.

Tony on bass and as leader of the band gives the stability and force behind the music. A world-class musician with a killer smile he know what this band are capable of and keeps them at their best.

The other half of the rhythm section is Guy on drums. Always tight and combining perfectly with the bass to give the drive behind the ‘Dog’s’ sound.

Dang is one of the finest blues guitarists around with well thought out lines executed with poise and grace he takes the audience’s attention and keeps it. In addition, his smooth vocals do impress.

Becky on lead vocals, the band’s little Pride and Joy, has given the sound a raw husky edge for the last few years with immense amount of power and a lot of soul.

Nico, the newest member to the line-up but a longtime member of the Soi Dog family, stepping in to help the band over the years, offers his vocal and guitar style to give a well-rounded, soulful sound.

Currently they appear at Apoteka Sukhumvit 11, on Thursdays with special guest  and Fridays and Saturdays with special guests The Horn Dog Horns.


THU:  10:30 pm – late  – Apoteka
FRI & SAT:  10 pm – 12:30 am  >   Apoteka