Stay Home Jam by Bangkok Blues Musicians

by | May 11, 2020 | Articles

Bangkok’s blues musicians have joined together to create a song dedicated to the medical professional fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to give us all strength to overcome the crises and to urge people to stay safe.

“Stay Home” virtual jam project was organized by Keith Nolan, the frontman of Cotton  Mouth blues band, and has gathered the best blues musicians of Bangkok. The song was created by each musician recording their parts at home, sending the powerful message that we will go through this together!

Featured musicians: guitarists Dulyasith Srabua (Banglumpoo Blues Company), Suthin Parisanyodom “Tee”, Whim Wisutaporn Jingjit (The Vintagers), Naronchai Jutgrabuanpol “Papa Benz”, Ped Bluesman, Chai Blues (Chai Blues and the Blues Maniacs), Puwadon Weerasatien “Yamin”, Piyanart Jotikasthira “Pump” (Apartment Khun Pa), Nicolai Kehlet (Soi Dog Blues Band), Nils Andersson; bassists – Nueng Blues Jr. (BBC and Cotton Mouth), KEi A Oda KEi NAnaHEro “New” and Tony Satto (Soi Dog Blues Band); drummers “Wan San” (Soi Dog Blues Band) and Haroon Muanpreecha (The Vintagers), harmonica and vocals Puree C Muadmuang (Daddy C & Bangkok Mojo and Jukes), organ and vocals – Chai Komlerkul (The Beatlenuts), Lalita Orapun “Najwa” on vocals (Banglumpoo Blues Company and Najwa Band), Charles Dharpak on bari sax (Cotton Mout), and Keith Nolan (Cotton Mouth) on organ and vocals. Lyrics, musical arrangement and audio mix were done by Keith Nolan, and video editing was done by Charles Dharpak.

Live music community has been amongst the first ones to be heavily impacted by COVID-19 pandemic as live music venues have been closed since the first week of the government’s measures in the attempt to prevent the spreading of the virus. As the consequence of that, although being one of the main attractions of Bangkok’s nightlife, live musicians have been left to their own devices to deal with the repercussions of the pandemic, and many of them have been struggling to find alternative sources of income.

As the future of live music entertainment is under a huge question mark due to unforeseeable developments of the pandemic, the times when we could all go to the bars carefree and enjoy the raw energy of live music seem like something from another era. However, in these difficult times, it is important to stay hopeful and positive, and among all to show solidarity, support and understanding to each other. Music as the universal language that heals the soul is something that we need now more than ever! Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy live music soon enough, so make sure to support your local bands and venues once we are safe from this horrible virus. Until then stay safe and keep the blues alive!