The La Belle et la Bête’s On Tour in Thailand

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Featured, Events, Articles


The La Belle et la Bête’s is much more than just music. A subtle combination of silly poses, endless childish jokes, incomprehensible speeches in broken English, repeated musical mistakes, broken strings, broken voices, and grossly intoxicated behaviors, is the secret recipe that makes any “La Belle et la Bête” show an unforgettable experience.

Watch out, pirates are coming to town! The La Belle et la Bête’s, a French band based in Vietnam, are going to wow you with an explosive and kinda weird mix of decadent rock, retarded cabaret, absurd circus, drunken gypsy, avant-metal and obscure pirate music.

The band was formed in 2014 in Vietnam,  by two lonely musician travelers who met in Hoi An, Quang Nam, Viet Nam. Etienne and Nicolas started immediately to make noise together and made the sacred vow to become worldwide famous, in order to make the earth a better place, to spread universal love, and to get free beers.

They are joined by Sami Lee, an outstanding beat boxer, a guitarist, a singer, an arranger, a groove master who switching effortlessly from hip-hop to rock, electro, ambient, breakcore and noise, his mix of soulful original tracks and mad improvisations. All together it makes Sami’s performance out-of-this-planet experience.


Ettiene, Sami and Nicholas at AdHere 13th Blues Bar.

 Sami Lee and keyboardist Nicolas Pocalipse (The La Belle et la Bête’s) are also going to perform as Kaarnaak – an experimental live composing project, expressing their eclectic love for musical genres as various as techno, avant-metal, post-jazz, electronica, trip-hop, but also middle-eastern modes, Ethiopian scales, gypsy grooves…. And a lot of undefined stuff.

From chilled ambient vibes to roaring dance-floor sounds, Kaarnaak always surprises the audience….and themselves as well, as they allegedly have not a single clue of what they are doing.

You have a chance to catch them this weekend in Bangkok at The Overstay within  Year of the rat Rock N Roll dance party on 24 January, Jam as part of Kinetic Poetic – Spoken Word Live Music Fusion Open Mic on 25 January, and their main stand alone performance will be at De Commune  on 25 January –The La Belle et la Bête’s LIVE @De Commune . After conquering Bangkok, they’ll be heading up north to Chiang Mai’s Jai Thep Festival from January 31 – February 2. So “all hands hoay” and let yourself be charmed by these fantastic musical pirates.

Check out some of their performances: