Genre: traditional and psychedelic blues, funk and soul



Whim Wisutaporn Jingit :
frontman, lead guitar, song writer

Haroon Muanpreecha : drums

Poon (Chaiyaporn Jantrame) : bass

Peaw (Phakavarat Pinpangnga) : harmonica

Volt W. Jingit : violin


A band that plays as one, yet giving each other space to be who they are,
thus creating the magical chemistry that speaks to the audience and leaves them breathless… 

The Vintagers are a blues band from Bangkok, established in 2010, by Whim, Haroon, Poon and Volt, and later on, for a short while joined by Peaw and Nut from Hoo Blues. They play traditional and psychedelic blues, funk and soul. For them the jamming table of blues is never too full, there is always extra space for anyone to join in. They have played in some of the most famous live music clubs and bars in Bangkok including AdHere13 Blues Bar, Nothing But the Blues, Brown Sugar, Maggie Choo’s, Fat’r’Gutz, Whisgars, etc. 

Their gigs have a special energy, each number is a journey to a divine musical dimension, all you have to do is just relax and enjoy the ride…


“To me, the band is about family. It’s about a relationship.”

Whim Wisutaporn Jingit,
frontman, lead guitar, songwriter

Originally from the coastal town of Trang, Whim learned to play the guitar from his father, who was a teacher and a musician. His first band from high school was influenced by hard rock, grunge and 90’s Indie music. Once he’d moved to Bangkok he started hanging out at AdHere 13th Blues Bar, where he learned to play blues from Pi Pong, the legendary bar’s owner and one of Thailand’s best guitar players. Before The Vintagers, he formed a jamming band, Naked Soul, with Haroon’s brothers.

On his recent 10-month-long stay in America, where he played in many live music venues, he has become the first Thai representative of National Guitar brand,

He is also a passionate photographer and a record collector. 


“If you have a dream, never give up, follow your passion…”

Poon (Chaiyaporn Jantrame), bass

Poon started playing bass in high school when he formed his first band. His father, one of the best drummers in Bangkok, introduced him to the world of music and blues when he was 10 years old. That was when he found his dream, to be a blues musician. Taking a year off after high school to pursue his dream, he had served drinks at the famous AdHere 13 Blues Bar, and after only one year he became a member of the Vintagers.

He also plays in a blues-rock band Mr. Haze.


“The Vintagers play from the heart, with feeling…”

Haroon Muanpreecha, drums

Haroon first started playing music when he was four years old. Following in his father’s footsteps, his first instrument of choice was guitar. The first song he learned how to play was “Winter Wonderland” by surf rock band “The Ventures”. He comes from a family of musicians (mother – Thai-Arabian music singer, father – Front-man of a country rock band, and two brothers – a drummer and a guitarist). He switched from the guitar to the drums because he found that playing the drums made him more relaxed. He can play the drums, guitar, bass and keyboards. Besides The Vintagers, he also plays in a punk band “Kid Insane”.

He is a huge fan of Manchester United!


Volt W. Jingit, violin

Volt is Whim’s younger brother, who introduced gypsy swing and country vibe to the Vintagers’ sound. He was also encouraged by their father to play from an early age, being exposed to the church worship songs and playing violin since the age of five. He has a degree in jazz violin from Silpakorn University and is currently doing his master’s degree in music performance at the Berklee Collge of Music in Boston. He has performed all around the world with many renowned jazz musicians at festivals, jazz conferences, concerts, workshops, etc. 

Monday:  > 10 pm – 12 am > AdHere 13 Blues Bar 

Tuesday:  > 9 pm – 12 am > Wallflowers Upstaris



Telephone: 081 347 7831